I used to cut Jeremy’s hair before we had kids. I did it very slowly and carefully, oftentimes taking an hour or so. But then we had kids and he found a barbershop he liked and had his hair cut there many, many times. But then during the pandemic, I went back to cutting his hair and since we all cared less about how we looked and I practiced more, I can give him a good haircut in about 15 minutes. I thought he’d go back to the barbershop after everything opened up and he did a few times, but he was still wary about the masking and possibility of germs, so I went back to cutting his hair for him. Now I think he might never go back to the barber and I’ve written it down on my list of things to do that repeat every 6 weeks. So at the six week mark, I asked – hey – it’s time for a haircut, but he demurred until 8 or 9 weeks until he was clearly shaggy and then we proceeded with the haircut. So my question is – should I leave the repeating to every 6 weeks to remind him (which would make him look clean cut all the time?) or mark it at every 8 weeks? Or should I just wait for him to ask? All possibilities.

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2 thoughts on “Haircut.”

  1. Open only takes about 15 minutes, wait for him to ask. Tell him to schedule with you a week in advance. It’s a good haircut by the way.

  2. In our house, it is HIS responsibility to remind me that he needs a haircut. He also mostly cuts his own hair and I just come in for clean-up. He can look in the mirror and see it’s getting shaggy!

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