Long weekend.

Today is a bit rainy, so it’s unfortunate for today’s memorial day parade, but it’s been a lovely long weekend for us so far. Quiet, lots of people over for low-key hellos. I moved all the plants outside onto the porch outside that like to be there during the summer. I feel like they all breath a sigh of relief once they are out on the porch – living their best lives in the sun, rain and soon-to-be humidity. Lauren found me this plant from her neighborhood listserv which was first peed on by a cat and then in an effort to rinse out the cat pee, was overwatered and all the leaves started turning brown and the previous owner thought they couldn’t rescue it, so I took it on and I’ve been tending it inside for six months hoping that it would make it to Memorial Day so that it can be out on the porch and there is new growth and ready to be outside for it’s first summer.

Jeremy spent the weekend tending to his bicycle and doing random things on it that he calls me over to look at and admire. So I do that and nod and say wowlook at that! at the appropriate time.

Vince sent a single quick text that he was spending the weekend in Tahoe. So I snapped this location on Google maps. I have not heard a single thing about this adventure yet.

I spent a bunch of time with Sofie this weekend – most notably on a Saturday when we did a 2.5 hour Pokemon Go walk. We were trying to get our Pokemon in gyms and we saw a new gym that we’d never been to near the senior center where we took a break under a tree. The new gym was in a strange spot – in an office park. Usually this game centers around public parks, shopping, etc and not in office parks. But obviously someone who works at this particular company made an effort to put gyms at their work location (you can nominate points of interest). So we walk towards the office park and found like no trespassing signs at the front of the drive (also, the pokemon gyms/stops need to be on publicly accessible locations). I probably set a poor example and told Sofie we were going to walk on the grass far away from the buildings (which all had cameras on the outside) to try to get to the 8 pokestops/gyms that were centered around the outdoor employee eating/smoking spots in the back of the building. So we walked towards out Pokemon Go destinations and stopped under a tree to do the requisite Pokemon battle and while we were doing that, I lone security guard rounded the outside of the building and looked over at us and nodded, I guess approving our presence on the site. Thereby deciding that we – an Asian woman, an Asian-ish child, a dog with a rainbow leash – were not there to make much mischief.

I brought this up at dinner at our house with Jeremy, Mike, Sofie and Edda that night that it’s goes along with my theory that Asian women can get away with doing very bad thingsTM. I’ve always felt that I can steal the Mona Lisa during the day with people watching, by just putting on a smart dress suit with beautiful heels and white gloves by saying – I just need to take this for some restoration work, excuse me! excuse me!

On Sunday, we celebrated Bette’s 85th birthday with BBQ and an enormous delicious chocolate cake. It was fun. I’m thinking about getting either a nose piercing or an eyebrow piercing and I talked to both Rachel and Sarah (they both have nose piercings and many ear piercings) about their experiences and what they recommend.

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