Exciting day here at the Martin-Lee household. The first shipment of Daybue arrived at the house via overnight FedEx in an enormous box with tons of ice gel packing galore.

The med is liquid – strawberry flavored – in 450 mL bottles to be refrigerated and not frozen. This is a key thing for Jeremy because when he packed the cat Ivy’s insulin for his cross country flight, the liquid froze, thus rendering it unusable. The insulin was worth $100 a bottle, this is Daybue, is worth $9000 a bottle (yikes! like really yikes!). We are not paying for any of it, insurance has approved it for a year.

We took the beer out of the drink fridge to make room for the medication. I think we’ll start next Friday. This next week, we are going to try to start a bowel routine to try and stave off the predicted diarrhea. Then start the med and we’ll wait and see if Edda gets, as I told her teacher, 10% more awesome. And her teacher said (very kindly), well that’ll be very hard to do because she’s already 100% awesome.

2 thoughts on “Daybue.”

  1. OK I’m a little bit nervous. We just had to use a fridge like that and the door didn’t close because someone who shall remain nameless didn’t realize their fridge was pushed up against the wall. Anyway, stuff got kind of warm inside. So just a word of caution. I agree with Edda’s teacher. Edda is 100% awesome.

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