Haze, party, metamucil.

We woke up this morning to hazy skies from the fires in Canada. Air quality is very poor. Jeremy broke out his n95 mask – all purpose now for the modern life of pandemic and fires (otherwise usually referred to as the apocalypse. just have to be on the lookout for zombies), for both germs and soot? ash? I’m not sure what is making the sky hazy.

On Monday, when the air was clean and glorious, Edda’s class had their end of year picnic. Mr Pat makes the best slider sandwiches and Ms. Jackie make a delicious variation of tres leches cake.

It was here that we told the teachers about Daybue and the predicted poop. If we can get Edda to drink it, it’s actually a great time to start because her teachers won’t see her for the summer and in the fall, when they see her again, they can see if there are any changes to her demeanor/behavior that we might not notice on a day-to-day basis. I’m generally a pessimist about these things, I did listen to part of the video that had parent experiences who kiddos were in the clinical trial and had a positive experience, I’m not a huge fan of anecdotal evidence and I felt the kiddos were not quite like Edda – falling on both sides of her – much more and much less disabled that Edda, but I’m willing (and hoping) to be surprised. I have in my mind what I’d like to drug to do for Edda – well see if that happens. We tried giving her metamucil this morning as the first step in the poop protocol, it is super disgusting. I had no idea. She had a little bit. Haha! It’s starting out great.

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  1. Good luck! I’m finding myself awfully invested in how this new medication works out for Edda. Fingers crossed for everyone.

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