Weekend update.


He’s not feeling very well this weekend. Actually, the worst was Friday when he was in bed all day. I’m not sure anymore what to do when someone is sick – do we cancel all our in-home childcare? Do we isolate from each other? It’s not COVID. He actually feels much better today and is walking around cleaning the house and doing such things like calling T-mobile. I did not isolate from him and I’m generally feeling fine. Fine enough so that I should go for a run now. Or maybe tomorrow.


I had a busy week. I went into the office on Friday to have an in-person lunch with my R&D coworkers. It’s the first time I’ve met them in person since we started working together about 4 months ago. There has been a good bit of grumbling this week with my team which has been a bit unnerving. But we forge on. There is a difference in meeting in-person (it’s more fun in person), but it took me hours to drive in/drive out and have lunch. I also am still fiendishly decluttering the house and this week I discovered a place (to the county! I’m excited about that – they are recycling old equipment) to donate used durable medical equipment. I donated some bed rails and also a gait trainer that we got secondhand from another Rett family. I still need to get rid of an old pediatric wheelchair and see if our old bath chair is worth recycling or if it is done for. Honestly, a bunch of used durable medical equipment always seems a sad to me.


He’s doing well at his summer internship. He likes his work, his graduate student mentor and his group. He still has yet to meet his PI. He sends us various lab photos. Though the work is going well and the weekdays are full, the weekends are a bit lonesome as he hasn’t clicked with anyone enough to spend the weekends doing stuff – so he’s been exploring on his own, going to the beach or the Asian market and various things like that.


Camp has been great. She’s been all over town and danced and sang and enjoyed being with other people. Her GI has settled down and seems OK now.

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