Bike, beer, nachos.

Friday was our first full day in Berkeley. Jeremy made a nice breakfast for Edda while I went out for a run. There is a nice pedestrian trail that runs alongside the bart train not far from the house.

Jeremy spent Thursday night going to the grocery store and stocking up the fridge and setting up our work stations. Mine is at the end of the dining room table. We did an airbnb in Berkeley/Albany – two bedroom, 1 full bath house.

Jeremy went for a bike ride across the bridge to Marin. I got irritated with him because he went longer than he said that he would – I thought he’d get home in time to help shower Edda and have lunch together, but we had a miscommunication. But now we are 25 years into the marriage – we straightened it out with only a bit of discussion (and an I’m sorry cookie) and all was well again. He also managed to shatter a light fixture in this house by moving his bike around in the air in the kitchen. Whoops. We ordered a replacement that will suffice (I hope, we’ll see.)

Jeremy’s friend from UCS came over with her dog at 1pm and they went for a doggie walk for about an hour and came home. The dogs and people set up in the backyard and I went for a walk to the local yarn store where I bought yarn made by a small farm in Petaluma, CA who employs people with disabilities.

I came back by three pm or so and we finally were able to give Edda a shower It’s a 2 person activity (3 if you count Edda) when we travel because we don’t have our regular set up – all three of us in the shower together. And then we all headed out to a beer garden (which I had admired on my run that morning) to host a happy hour that Jeremy had set up with his work. Doggies welcome.

We had nachos for dinner and a lime drink (I forget the name of it). Look at those crazy nachos. Only one person showed up (which was pretty much what we expected – everyone is remote now and Jeremy’s work generally has summer Fridays off so who was going to come? the one person who lives two blocks away), who was super lovely and we had a great time.

Then we came home and had ice cream (again) and had a quiet evening and went to bed. Do we have any photos of friends? No! oh well.

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