Starlight, 25 years and a fruit tart.

On Monday, we both worked essentially a full day at work. Jeremy went into the Berkeley office, I worked from our rented airbnb. Vince, in the meantime, after spending the weekend with Dani (who had commuted from Livermore back to Irvine), made his way via train towards us in Berkeley. We were able to book him a seat on the Coast Starlight so he could see the California coastline and we could get photos of his train ride (we’ve never been).

We did not know that they had meal service, but Vince found out and got himself a dinner reservation.

Who knew you could get steak on a train?

We had initially booked him the ticket to drop him off at Davis because we had rented only a two bedroom house and thought we wouldn’t make the trip to Davis until we needed to leave Berkeley on Thursday, but it turned out that Vince kind of really wanted the stuff that we carted from SoCal and then logically that would be easier to get off earlier from the train near Berkeley at 9:30 ish Monday night and stay with us that night and have us drop him off at Davis later the next day. So we moved Edda into our room (damn, she makes a lot of noise at night and the entire room was filled with bed and she tipped herself off the side of her bed so she ended up being wedged between her bed and the dresser. Jeremy and I unwedged her as she remained asleep and unaware our sleepy girl) and gave Vince Edda’s old room.

The next day was our 25th wedding anniversary and I had the best day of doing bits of what we do everyday and enjoying having everyone around. I worked a few hours Tuesday morning. Vince and Jeremy went out on a morning walk to get fancy coffee. Jeremy got a muffin with a soft boiled egg in the middle of it. Vince got some sort of weird seasonal coffee with two shots and watermelon juice.

They got me some flowers on the way home and had bought me an almond blueberry muffin which I ate after my meetings concluded.

Then I got to spend midday with Vince. We went to downtown Berkeley where we went to three independent bookstores and bought books and had a nice lunch at a little outdoor bistro. We went to see the outside of Chez Panisse and also bought a loaf of bread at the Cheese Board. Then after Jeremy finished his early afternoon meeting, he came to pick us up and then all of us drove to Davis to drop Vince and his stuff off at his apartment.

Then we came back to Berkeley. We had contemplated making a dinner reservation somewhere, but we decided to have grilled tomato and cheese sandwiches, a salad and nice dessert and enjoy the backyard of the rental.

Edda was very excited about this plan.

Jeremy made the most perfect sandwiches.

I had some bubbly kombucha which was…odd, but celebratory.

The three of us enjoyed an entire fruit tart and it was a very nice celebration. I’m the luckiest, really. I do not know how I got so lucky to have met Jeremy and have this wonderful life together. I’m so lucky that I had my whole family together on our anniversary and that we had a very nice day together doing all the things we like doing with and for each other. 25 years is a long time, here’s to another 25 years.

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  1. OK first off happy anniversary!! Second poor Edda getting stuck between the dresser and the bed☹️. Third, Jeremy makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever had. I think that’s the perfect anniversary dinner. Finally, I’m so glad you two found each other because you definitely make the world a much better place. The entire Martin/Lee clan is such a great asset to the world.

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