Napa, Davis, Dorris.

On Friday in the Napa Valley, Jeremy went on an early morning bike ride. Up another mountain – again now the details are fuzzy. Very foggy and slightly damp.

We had a late breakfast at a diner in the town of Calistoga and then headed to the town of Napa to do some sightseeing and shopping. One of our goals was to get a good family photo. Edda can be fickle and gives side eye to our attempts.

So we joined in on the grump fest for a few photos.

In the town of Napa, we went walking and went into a few stores. Honestly, the tasting rooms were a bit intimidating and though we were there to buy some wine, we hesitated to walk into them. Edda had a nice time. We played Pokemon Go as a family.

We came back to the hotel in the afternoon and I camped out at the pool and enjoyed people watching. There was the girls weekend, the young family with the dad and the 2nd wife, the honeymooning couple. I don’t spend time at the pool usually and the world has moved without me and everyone wears a bikini from the 12 year old to the 65 year old (except me!). For dinner, we went to Lovina, which is a tip-free restaurant, where the price on the menu includes health insurance, 401K, and vacation for the staff. We sat down and started in on the meal, and we started going down a TiK tok rabbit hole of funny animal videos and so we agreed to put all our phones on the table and talk to each other as if we liked each other (which we do).

The food was good, but again, Jeremy’s cooking has kind of ruined this kind of restaurant for me, but we enjoyed ordering all different dishes and passing the plates among us to try the different meals. The servings were generous, we were able to box them to eat for breakfast the next morning.

Another attempt at a family photo.

The next morning, we packed up relatively early and dropped Vince back off at Davis and then drove to Klamath Falls to visit Emy and Seth. Bob and Katherine were flying in that day as well from New Mexico. On the way to Klamath, we stopped at the town of Dorris and took a few photos and I was able to thrift some sweatshirts from the side of the road which have been lifesavers because I forgot to pack enough warm clothing and we were heading towards a place that gets to be 40 or 50 degrees at night.

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  1. Scotty has a friend and when we eat out with them they make everyone put their phones in the center of the table. The first person that grabs their phone has to pay the bill. It’s a good way to keep people from grabbing their phones ha ha. I like the grumpy family photo.

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