Edda got sick last Thursday/Friday and stayed home from school (Jeremy came home Thursday early evening). The weekend was quiet – Edda was sick on Saturday- I think both of us worked a bit and puttered around a bit. I’ve been going through Mike’s house, decluttering and going to the dump and cleaning up a bit. My house feels extra messy because I’ve hauled a lot of the misc stuff into the house and giving it away (I love our Buy Nothing group – almost all the things I think are “still good” find homes very quickly and they come to the door to pick up the stuff I leave on the porch). But there is also a lot of trash that needs to be taken to the dump. And the grass is still growing! I just mowed the lawns today. It’s Oct, the grass should not be growing anymore. Sigh.

Elka has been taking care of me many nights. She’s often tucked in next to me.

I went for a long run on Sunday through the woods. A lot of fun. A lot of mountain bikers – I started late (for me). Mountain bikers tend to start at 9 am. We also saw Jane at Sunday night dinner which was fun, we got to hear about her job and her life in Indy.

Jeremy left for Chicago on Tuesday and will be back late tonight. Aghhh. So many business trips, I feel like we are not yet settled back at home.

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