Social weekend.

I like the house to be neater/more organized on Sunday night than it had been on Friday night, but I was completely unsuccessful. Mostly because the dryer broke on the first load of the weekend chore of usually 5-6 loads and I spent part of Saturday disassembling the dryer to get to the heating coil to see if that was the problem and it was, so I ordered a part and it will be here on Monday. Meanwhile, laundry is scattered all over the 2nd floor in various degrees of dampness and dirtiness along with the carcass of the dryer awaiting the spare part.

I went to see Tom on Saturday. We caught up on the kids’s activites and tried to mess with his iPad and google home to try to get them to make/answer phone calls via voice – which it can do.

Saturday night, I got together with the Usual Suspects. It’s so hard to get together and it seemed like it might fall apart at the last minute, but everyone managed to get rides for their kids and we talked for three hours.

Sunday, Megan and I went to see the Taylor Swift concert movie! Alas, no photos. It was a lot of fun, I knew almost all the songs. Bless Megan who is not a Swiftie and was kind enough to sit through three hours of a concert. I did long to go to the actual concert, but it was too expensive and I didn’t have a close 13-16 year old girl who would have been head over heels to go with me. I would have gone if it had been like that. This was an excellent substitute. Taylor – I can only marvel at her – she’s not be best singer nor is she the best performer, but it was a joy to hear and see the concert.

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