Halloween passed quietly. No one dressed up and no one bought any candy here at the house. Jeremy had meetings in DC, but got to come back mid afternoon which was nice. Now I have the opposite problem from before pandemic, when he’s at the office, the house seems too quiet. School had festivities for Edda, of course, bless them. We are at the quiet end of the street, so not many trick or treaters even at the height of when we were enthusiastic, but we had two groups knock on our pitch black porch and I had to tell them, sorry! No candy! and they said – oh, doesn’t matter, Happy Halloween.

I went to see my friend Tom and his wife Maryam after dinner. Usually, I’m trying to teach him something about his iPad or to do crossword puzzles or something to help him use technology after his stroke, but this time, we just sat back and enjoyed each other’s company and told stories about when we were young and beautiful.

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