I’m a superficial girl.

Another blog from Jeremy! He’s very excited. There was a nice reaction thread on BlueSky (a twitter replacement), but I can’t log in to show you because I need an invite? Hmmm, let see what twitter is saying…OK, I can’t figure out twitter either. Sigh. I really can’t be on social media at all because it just sucks my time away from me AND it makes me feel bad and jealous. Why can’t I have fancy vacations and beautiful hair and make beautiful birthday cakes and homeschool seven children at the same time ? Social media is a world without poop or stubborn stains or the inability to log into your banking website because they have an old phone number to authenticate and you no longer have that phone #, but you can’t log in to change it. It’s as if everyone can do everything all the time in 70 degree sunshine near a beach with no wrinkles and you don’t ever have to carry groceries in from the car while your child screams from the car seat.

I’m easily influenced in many ways, but…I’ve always thought of myself as a judge of character based on behavior and not on appearance, but I think that is not true either. So, I’ve had a Peloton treadmill since the fall of 2020 when we really started working out in our home gym in earnest. I (surprisingly to myself) enjoy the programming and do all sorts of workouts on it, running, walking, strength, yoga and meditation are all on my rotation. There are many instructors that I enjoy (I happily call them my “fake friends”) and a few I do not prefer. I don’t follow them on social media because I generally like them less when I did that (it’s so weird that sometimes I find a friend (real, not my Peloton fake friends) completely annoying on social media, but perfectly fine in person – like absolutely charming and personable). So there is this instructor, Rebecca, who I generally didn’t like – I found her a little off putting and awkward or whatever. I mean, not in a terrible way, but since I had like 35 instructors to pick from, I wouldn’t pick her. But then about a year ago, she got some slight plastic surgery – most notably teeth veneers so her canines were not as pronounced and pointy and then, lo and behold, I enjoy her classes a lot more. I was ashamed to admit this to myself, because, you know, it’s a superficial thing and I’d like to think that I’m not swayed in this way, but I’ve spend a few months now going through her classes pre and post veneer and it’s terribly true, I enjoy her classes much more post veneer than pre veneer. Ugh ugh ugh. Though I’d like to think if she was my “real friend” and not my “fake friend”, I would not have cared, but would she ever turned into a real friend if my initial reaction to her was that she was off-putting? Probably not and that hurts my heart.

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