Meat treats, weird heavy things.

My parents might be a little more excited to see Elka than us, lol. They love to spoil her with Chinese food and jerky treats and scratch her all over. We had a delicious dinner with them on Friday night. Here’s my mom looking for the perfect meat-based snack for Elka and Elka patiently waiting.

We had a quiet weekend, we had had a bunch of dinner plans, but Edda was under the weather – snotty and coughing (but happy) – so we stayed home and did home things. Jeremy finally bought his Christmas gift. A step through hex bar? Hold on, what’s it called? Oh it can be called that or an open trap bar. Anyways, he could only buy this after we cleaned up the gym (we installed shelving and hooks so everything is up and off the floor) so there would be storage for the monstrous thing. Somehow he’s been influenced by other bikers that this is better than either a regular squat or deadlift. It is incredibly heavy, I think 80 pounds without any weights. I’m not sure I could lift it…have not tried yet.

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