Friday Vibes, Pokemon Go, ice cream.

I took Edda on Friday to a Friday Vibes dinner at Main Street apartments (remember? an apt building half with people with disabilities and half affordable housing…). Friday Vibes is their most popular program with dinner and an activity (and honestly at my favorite time 5-7 pm). Ashley – our very enthusiastic ambassador – a resident of the building and a very welcoming presence, met us at the door and ushered us to a table filled with other ambassadors and newcomers and honestly, it was a fabulous time. So we’ll go again next Friday, this time with Jeremy and he’ll be able to check it out as well. It’s not quite exactly right for Edda, most of these people can manage bus routes and have daytime jobs and take care of their own furry pets – these are skills beyond Edda’s capacity at the moment, but at least it’s a starting point and a beginning to a new community. We’ll see.

Saturday, Eliana took Edda on an outing and Jeremy and I went on a date which included beef noodle soup and a walk with Elka while playing Pokemon Go. That was pretty fun including a stop at Ben and Jerry’s (omg, they got rid of the tiny size and so we got the two smalls (which were enormous) and almost $20 total, yikes – everything, literally everything is sooo expensive), but Elka managed to finagle herself a free doggie ice cream treat.

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