Pokemon & plants.

Big News! Lol. I got to level 40 on Pokemon Go! (while on the phone with Vince, so that was nice.) This is a milestone in my Pokemon journey. From the wiki entry: The maximum level a player can achieve was originally level 40, but expanded to 50 as of November 30, 2020. So I would have “finished” the game. But then they expanded to level 50 and now I’m only like 20% of the way to level 50. This is my mobile game of choice, it encourages walking in the real world and you can play it anywhere you are and you don’t have to spend any money to have fun. But if you spend a little bit of money, it can be fun-er, kind of.

I went to see Kristen this morning for a quick visit. She made delicious breakfast tacos and we went for a walk in her neighborhood. I love going to her house because she has such a great eye for decorating. She thrifts a lot of things and buys other things, but everything is very cute and comfortable, but not overdone and not too fussy. She had so many small plants in cute pots all over her living room and I got a few cuttings to propagate.

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