Happy and lucky.

I feel very lucky and happy these days. I’m enjoying myself which is a big blessing. Edda and I went to our, now usual, Friday night event at Main Street and I’m really getting to know the staff and people’s names and it’s a lot of fun. Edda had fun, I had fun and I’m *this close* to having Elka be able to come which would be even funner. Everyone asked after Jeremy who couldn’t come because he’s still a bit under the weather, but actually also had to work (I think pacific time work, so runs late on Friday afternoon/evening).

Jeremy made me delicious avocado toast for breakfast today.

I also like to bury the lede, but Vince was awarded the Outstanding Senior in his major – Chemical Engineering. It doesn’t mean that he got the best grades or did the best thesis – though you have to be in excellent academic standing be considered for the award, he got it because of his community building. (I also like that he isn’t a fan of inbox zero, lol.)

Here’s the general criteria:

When he started, it was the pandemic and he was unsure of himself and classes were hard and he had no friends because he was locked in his dorm room against viral attack and there were many, many upset calls back and forth and lots of worry and hand wringing and once the lockdowns lifted, he slowly but surely turned it around and did so many things for the department while getting good grades. Look, he resurrected chem-e-car from nothing and they ended up competing well at Berkeley a few weekends ago. I will say that Vince formed and led this team, but I don’t think Vince will actually say that, he always says it’s a team effort and he just held the meetings. Thank you UC Davis ChemE department (faculty and students all) for everything you’ve given and taught to Vince, my appreciation is deep and unstinting. Go Aggies! Moooooooo!

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