Busy and puppy update.

Sorry loyal blog reader(s), it’s been busy here on this side of the screen. All the things I try to do each day (exercise, practice the guitar & blog) have fallen by the wayside because I’m basically just trying to 1. keep us clean and fed, 2. get Edda to camp and 3. do my job so I have some money to pay for my life. Jeremy is like at 90% today, but for most of last week, he still was quite sick which meant that a lot of house things fell to me. I want to give myself a high five because I did all the things – I made simple dinners which took less time than getting stuff delivered and I was mostly cheerful and not full of stress. Which I could have been, but, you know, I’m trying to change my attitude.

Yes, so the puppies. A friend of ours needed a break from their life and so we offered him a quiet place to sleep for three or four nights last week and he came with 4 four-week old puppies which we were all thrilled about. The puppies came with the dad and the mom, so we had seven dogs in the house. It was fun and stressful at the same time as these things go. They all went home on Saturday, but not before we got to play with them all for a little bit.

The dog dad is kind of a diva/asshole. He refused to walk from the house, so we had to carry him away from the house and then put him down on the sidewalk he’d skitter home.

This is the mom and she is a super competent mom. Nursing every few hours, but not fussing over the babies too much. Keeping them super clean – no pee or poop to be found in the puppy crate. Such fat happy babies. I was super impressed. I really don’t understand how animals know to do this – I had to read like 17 books to understand how to nurse. Would I have known if there were no books? I’m not sure. While she was nursing, I looked on with complete sympathy. Nursing is a big deal and not that much fun. And I had only one at a time. Four! And when she got up to reposition, those puppies would not let go, they would hang from her nipples! What a champ.

And now they are not in the house anymore. Sigh.

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  1. PUPPIES!! At first I was worried there would be no puppy photos in this post and then I would have revolted. I’m not sure what a blog reading revolt would look like, but I would have done it.

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