This is the first year that Vince believes in Santa. He asked technical questions – Santa’s flight times, geometry of landing on roofs and getting into houses without chimneys. We explained that Santa is helped along the way by a little bit of magic.

This Christmas was magical. All four of Vince and Edda’s grandparents were here together. I’m lucky that our families can spend time together in this way.


Yesterday, we went to Seth and Christine’s house for a pre-Christmas party.



Home for Christmas.

We haven’t celebrated Christmas in Maryland for many years.

Jeremy and the kids picked me up in NYC. We stopped off at Central Park for hot dogs and playing time.


Donald was at the house already.


We put up our Christmas tree. It is decorated with the last string of lights and the last box of ornaments that we could find at Target.


Here is our computer cluster. We have 4 laptops crowded right at the front door. I will leave it up to you to figure out why.