Karin and Karen

I spent 24 hours in NYC without the kids! I walked all around and smiled at strangers. It’s odd since I don’t enjoy talking to them. I did a Singapore vs NYC smile back survey. The smile back % is about the same – 15%. I held one person’s gaze too long and he tried to ask me out. Yikes.

I lunched with my friend Karin. She is one week away from giving birth. We ate Korean food and talked until 3 pm. I rarely talk to a friend for hours. Karin teaches at West Point and is planning to go back to teaching on January 4th!

Karen, my college roommate, lives on the southern tip of Manhattan at Battery Park City. She is the COO of Broadway Technologies – she’s just started so she’s not on the website yet. She is so insanely successful at her work, it’s not even funny – but she is very modest about it claiming luck mostly – but I know her hard work and her savvy was not a small part of her success. The Statue of Liberty stands outside her apartment and we talked until I was too sleepy to keep my eyes open.

I had a wonderful day.