What a weekend. On Saturday morning, we did our errands. Basically spent our whole week’s budget by 2pm on Saturday. Hit the big stores, Walmart, Goodwill, the Chinese Market and finally A and P. Brought the Jeremy-meister shopping with me and we stocked up. That afternoon, he baked cupcakes (too much baking soda) and then another cake. We went over to Huang’s house and played and played with their three adorable kids. Vince had a blast! The next day, Vince woke up at 6 am and we were off to a rough start. That afternoon we went over to the Bonser’s baby shower which was held at Laura and Dave’s house in Pleasant Valley prepared by Esther, Mark’s wife. Vince had a great time, he had the sniffles by the time we left, so I hope we didn’t make any of the other kids sick. I puked for the first time during this pregnancy on Sunday.

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