Had a wonderful Labor Day weekend with my family. Donald flew into NYC on Wed and hung out with friends and came up to Poughkeepsie on Thursday. I showed him the house in Millbrook and then we drove with the Rubister to Bard. Took him to the Burrito Shack, but he said he needed some meat in his burritos. Oh well, I thought they were yummy. Then he took a nap and we spent the afternoon bumming around. That night, we had a hectic dinner at the Martin’s. There were some guests there who had to catch a train and leave pretty early and we wanted to too, but we were all a little late in leaving. Ruby sat in the footwell of the car and we drove down, stopping a long time for gas in NJ, but made it home by 2 am. Vince let us sleep in until 8:30 the next morning. Hurrah! Then that evening we went to Kinkaid’s, a seafood place in DC. It was nice, Dad babysat and we really enjoyed our 5th year wedding anniversary. And the ring! I got the ring1 Beautiful :). Margaret and Andrea came into town and we really enjoyed ourselves. We had so much cake.

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