Interview Went Well…

Went to a startup today for an interview… it was good. The guy was super nice – very euro looking. He had on glasses that didn’t have frames nor pads and he dressed very well. I don’t know how I did really since he didn’t show it if i did badly or not. We’ll see. The work sounds interesting but i’d be working hella hard. But

I really really like the dude. he’d make a good mentor.

i’m trying to learn to type on a dvorak keyboard now. my typing is so slow now but we’ll try to stick with it and see how it goes. It’s to satisfy the nerd in me.

2 thoughts on “Interview Went Well…”

  1. Keep looking, whether interviews were good or bad until a bird or birds are in hand.

    Doing bad interviews are extremely valuable for the next round for better interviews.

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