Misplaces monies as usual.

Hey, dad.. Remember the check you gave us for Xmas? Well, Jeremy doesn’t remember where he put it.. If you could reissue one, that would be great! Then we can go out to dinner 🙂

So now that the holidays are over, we are back on our budget.

Let’s see how we are doing. I have a budget of $300 dollars per week. This doesn’t include things like car insurance, gas bills, telephone bills, etc. The budget starts over on Sat morning, In that way, we can blow money on the weekends and eat ramen during the week… Here goes.. The $300

Jan 1 – Jan 7

20 – gas

49 -groceries

20 – antibiotics for ear infection

10 – co-pay at doctors

8 – J’s lunch

138 – groceries

52 – lunch at Japanese restaurant (

3 thoughts on “Misplaces monies as usual.”

  1. I believe that these checks, one for Jeremy/you and one for Donald were from Mom’s account. I will be at Mom’s place this weekend to stop payment and issue a new one. No problem, very glad to do that.

    Doris & Donald, glad to hear from you so often recently. Keep going :)!

    I probably am driving back to DC, noon time, today to shovel the snow, water the plants, and just to check the house. Will be right back to Pittsburg tonight.

    The reason of doing these household things is this week is a short week for me. I will not be able to work more than 40 hours because I will be at Mom’s place starting Thursday. Without working more than 40 hours, there is no over time pay. So, it is better to get everything out of the way in this week to prepare overtimes for the coming weeks 🙂 Of course, I hope I still have my job at that time.

  2. Dad, I think you can split this comment up, the first part as a comment and the 2nd part as a regular post. I don’t see the comments as often since they are hidden and I’d like to see your posts on the regular blog.

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