Just Some Thoughts..

In high school, everything came pretty easily to me. I understood a lot of the formulas and concepts. I could look at problems and have some greater sense of how everything interacted and what theories or methods applied to that particular problem. A lot of my friends didn’t quite have the same insights. Somehow I couldn’t understand why. I thought they were definitely smart enough to understand everything in front of them. When I gave them hints to problems they could solve them. That just reinforced my idea that everyone could grok these things.

Now I realize that they aren’t held back by their intelligence. It’s the fear and panic of realizing that you don’t have the insight to solve these problems. That fear blinds their critical thinking that needs to be there to think rationally about it. Then it just goes downhill from there.

Anyways, dunno what my point is. Just something I was thinking about. Sorry I didn’t call you back Doris. I’m OK tho.

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  1. Agree. My take on this is that problem solving is always looking for most probable solutions without pre-set preferences, technically or non-technical. I don’t know whether I get my words right for my thought. 🙂

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