Just Woke Up From a Nap.

Hrm. I think I’m a bit funky right now. I should be studying for that Nvidia interview but I don’t have much energy right now for some reason. But I’ll get to it in a minute I think.

I had lunch today with an old co-worker from Sun. She’s just had a kid at the age of 38. It’s pretty impressive an apparently it was a harrowing experience since there were all these complications. She’s sorta helping me get some more contacts and such since she’s a pretty good networker. Plus she’s really good at all this political stuff and has some good perspectives on job hunting and the job market in general.

Anyways I have to decide what I want to do for a job. A lot of places right now seem to want to work you to death, and I’m not sure how into that I am. I mean if it’s all that I got then maybe it’s what I have to swallow but having a life would be nice too.

One thought on “Just Woke Up From a Nap.”

  1. I have to say that you are pretty good at networking yourself. And 38 is a weird time to have a baby. I have a number of friends who get pregnant really easily at that age and others who need fertility treatments and have a really, really tough time.

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