Our Lawbreaking Family

So Mom cheats on her taxes and apparently Dad uses Mom’s resume to get jobs. Does anyone else have a problem with this besides me?!?!?!??!! I makes me wonder why I follow the books so closely. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Our Lawbreaking Family”

  1. Well, it sounds bad from what was posted.

    But, the truth is, Mom would like to maximize her earnings without going to the wrong side of the laws. Look, the rich and powerful can enact laws to benefit themselves. This way, they can take advantage openly and in the broad daylight. Why in the world that ordinary citizens cannot do something like that but in a much smaller scale? Everything was legal and on the books. We have been audited by IRS numerous times in the past. But, time and again, we were clean. Of course, sometimes in the past, there was no Turbo Tax available, there were small discrepancies due to errors in calculation. That was all. We should and are very glad to pay taxes to support the general public and ourselves. But, by the books, no more and no less. That is one of the reasons way we move to Washougal, WA., legally.

    Talking about the resume, what she has been doing is what I did in the past. With her help, I just highlighted what I did. I did get refresher courses from her to prepare for my job. It worked out well.

    Expediency, sometimes, will carry extra miles without distorting the facts and hurting some one. Well, this is what I think and believe. But, I also realize it is not measured up to higher standards and beyond. But, we don’t want to be a saint anyway. For sure, we certainly are not sinners on these subjects.

    Very glad to hear your view. keep going and quite refreshing to us.

  2. We toe the line here in NY. I think we may be paying the absolute maximum in taxes here. Jeremy makes enough money now that a lot of the tax breaks middle income families make fall away and we have no deductions, not even a house :). And we live in NY, a place with really high state tax. Jeremy was telling me that Bush has thought of a new tax plan that’ll kill the blue states but will leave the red states alone.. Right now you can deduct your state income taxes from your federal taxes, but Bush want to kill that policy. Blue states are the ones with the high state income taxes. I like to think that our taxes are going to schools, libraries, police stations, roads and other people’s taxes are going to pay for the war in Iraq. This makes me feel not as bad.

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