My Auto Insurance is Sky High…

800 bucks for 6 months now that I’ve moved. It’s pretty insane. I’m looking for another insurance company now. I’ll probably switch to AAA. Geico – what happened? I think I’m going to get renters insurance too. It’s probably about time I had some coverage in that department also.

5 thoughts on “My Auto Insurance is Sky High…”

  1. We are still with GEICO because…. once we moved over to state farm with a particular agent and such things, then we had to wait until the guy was in his office to handle claims and sometimes he was lame and there was lots of phone tag. We’ve come to like GEICO with their 24 hour service and they are very nice. I think Jeremy once spent 45 minutes talking to them about nuances in our policy. Lemme see… Our six-month rates are 575 for the volvo and 616 for the accord. Dude, I just think that you are still the most expensive demographic to insure. Single, young guy!

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