My New Dorm.

Somehow, my new place feels like a dorm. There are a lot of people in this house and a lot of things going on. We sometimes gather in the hallway to just randomly talk. It’s pretty amusing. College seemed so long ago, but honestly, it’s nice to be able to talk to your roomies.

On the job front, I think I’ve given myself about 3 more months to find a decent CS job. After that I’ll have to think about what other options are. Somehow I have to find something that’s more low pressure. Maybe I’ll have to think about leaving the Bay Area.

3 thoughts on “My New Dorm.”

  1. In this 3 months, you can also look into all options at the same time.

    Just getting too philosophical from here on 🙂

    Pressure is always there. But, how to deal with it can be developed effectively. In general, the more secure you feel, the less it will get you. Personally, I found talking about one’s happiness, difficulties, embarrassments, etc. with humors help a lot. To keep all the problems hidden from close ones is the worst. In the same time, seek others’ opinions because they may have weathered the similar storms before. Or they may have different means, perspectives, can or willing to help. To avoid pressure now is not going to help in the long run because pressure is everywhere, all the time in this modern, complicated world. It is not going to anywhere. But, how to deal with it, is.

    I am sure that one’s current difficulties are not going to stay with them all their life. Treating them correctly, they can become the fundamental building blocks for future endeavors with good results. There is an old Chinese saying “Failure Is the Mother of Success”. And in Chinese, “crisis” consists of two words. One is “danger” and the other is “opportunity”. Right now, we are not even in this league yet. Just a little bit down and out, maybe? But, up time will certainly follow.

    Well, I guess I talk a lot. Now is the turn for other wiser persons in our family 🙂

  2. Not to be bitter or anything pop, but honestly, it’s taken me awhile to learn to talk to people about my problems. I think it’s ironic that’s what you’re expousing now, since everything’s always been a super big secret in our family. No one was allowed to talk about our problem outside the family and not like we talked about our problems within our family either. So all of us are floating around on our own islands trying to figure out life on our own. It’s a pretty crappy existence from where I’m standing. So I’m trying to change that, but it’s against my own nature.

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