Pizza day update

So today was pizza day again at Bright Horizons. I send Vince off in the morning with a Ziploc bag full of $1.50 for his 2 slices of pizza. Pick up time for Vince is usually noon, but the pie gets delivered at noon, so restrained myself and spent another 30 minutes at home today. I walked in at 12:30 and the pizza man has just arrived. Vince takes one look at me and holds his hands up like the Supremes (Stop! In the name of love) and screams, “Nooooooo!!!!”. He stopped screaming as soon as it was clear to him that he got to stay for the pizza. I sat around and talked to Miss Pat, his teacher. Today was full of drama, another kid in the class split her lip and chipped a tooth in the activity room today. She was happily eating her pizza waiting for her mom to pick her up and take her to the dentist.

Vince was the slowest eater in the class. Hadn’t even started his 2nd slice and all the other kids were done.

One thought on “Pizza day update”

  1. Dude It’s so easy being a kid. I wish I was a kid again. That would be great. I could join vince and eat pizza too. Tho there’s no way that we’d share at all! GRR!

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