Those crazy mountain bikers

So Paul Besser’s in town for AMD business. We ate lunch together with him at a local Japanese restaruant. He’s one of the beautiful people who went to Stanford; blonde and brawny. He told me that he’d been mountain biking on a trail in Santa Cruz that had trees fallen the long way on them, so you have to bike on the top of the of the log for 10 feet or so. And apparently the first time he went, he did it in the dark with a headlamp. Crazy! Bob and Katherine were coming in from NYC, so they also joined us for lunch. Katherine had gone to the wedding of a Bard faculty member and she characterized it as a Lallapalooza of a wedding. First, the groom’s answer to the question, “Do you take her in sickness and in health” was “How sick?” At the reception, there was a bubble machine, a dry ice machine, a kissing contest which involved blindfolding of the bride and groom and kissing by random people.

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