Ah man. Sometimes my relationship with Jocelyn is weird. She’s going thru a rough spot in her life right now and needs some support. Usually that comes in the form of someone needing to basically hold her hand. Usually I’m okay with that, but last night, I really just didn’t want to deal. and then of course she gets all sad that she’s so needy. great. So I’m left there wondering who’s the bad guy here. Me for being insensitive to her problems or her for being needy in the first place? I guess the problem lies somewhere in the middle.

Anyways, off to my welding class. I’ll see how it goes. Yikes.

I got another phone screen with Nvidia coming up and Amazon too, tho that might mean I’d move to Seattle.

3 thoughts on “Women…”

  1. A rough spot? Hmmmm… It’s perfectly OK that you don’t want to deal. I mean, hey, you got your own rough spot these days. Hope the class went well.

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