Actively cleaning.

Last night we went to Bob and Katherine’s house because Jeremy’s college friend Paul is interviewing for a prof position at Bard. He is a German studies guy teaching right now at Ohio State. He had lots of amusing things to say. He said that the world was playing a cosmic joke on him because when he went to college in the late 80s early 90s, grunge was in, so all the girls wore these huge sweatshirts and baggy jeans and now that he was a prof, apparently all the undergrad girls dress in skin-tight, flesh exposing outfits. He asked about Donald, apparently Donald and Paul met in the Bay Area once when he was in school at Berkeley. We had take-out Indian food with Jeremy’s friends, Paul, Alan and Alan’s girlfriend Anne Carson.

Also, last night we were hoping that Vince would have his first sleepover at the grandparent house so we could clean up the tornado disater area that is our house. He was really excited and had packed a bag and everything, but at the last minute, he decided that it would be a better idea to come home.

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