Possible Temp Job in Atlanta

Yesterday, one of mine head hunting agents offered me a possible temp position in Atlanta or Birmingham. The total hourly rate and overtime rate are almost the same. But in there, the per diem (non-taxable) portion is much higher. In addition, it calls for a 1 – 2 years assignment. That will bring me closer to 65.

This morning I emailed them the updated resume for them to submit to their client for final review & approval. Their decision will come by the end of February. Of course, I don’t know what happening here. Need to compare these two at that time when I really get the job.

By April or May this year, Mom and Dad will be together somewhere in the US. That is for sure.

Stay tune …

Donald, are you okay? Mom and Dad called you several times yesterday and, hopefully, not waking you up. Take good rest 🙂

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