Biked in Across The Golden Gate

It was a great day again to go biking. We went up to the city and biked across the bridge and into Marin. We passed thru Salsalito and went into Tiburon. All told about 40 miles of biking. Not bad. Too bad when we got back to our car, we had found out that it had been towed. Apparenlty we were too stupid to read the signs that said – “4pm to 6pm TOW AWAY ZONE”. So we located the tow place and thankfully, it wasn’t too far away, so we biked there. We paid our 170 dollar ransom and left. Too bad there was a parking ticket to be paid on top of the towing fee. Yikes! I made my way back home on the Caltrain. It’s kinda fun to see what other bikes people were commuting with. There was this on guy with a pretty tricked out cruiser. The tires had tread in a flame pattern. 🙂 I got sorta pissed when the stupid girl yapping on her cell phone, put her stupid 5 dollar bike right on top of mine. All the racks were filled, I’ll grant her that. But at least pick a rack that has a cheap looking bike on it! She had no clue of course, and ended up picking the rack that has the most expensive bike in the car. Mine. Grrr.

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