Slept through the night!!

Edda slept through the night last night! Could it have been the 4 chicken strips she ate at dinner last night keeping her tummy full to the brim?

I’m thinking of starting to sell stuff on Ebay, but even though I would like the money, I think I’m also pretty lazy. I have thought about it occasionally before, but I always thought the picture stuff was a hassle but Picasa has taken care of that. Then, I thought getting to the post office was a hassle. But the local post office has a self-automated machine and secure package box that is located in the post office box area, so you can get there 24 hours a day and mail your packages. Hmmm…

I’m also reading through Wishcraft and I’m trying to work through some of the silly exercises and figuring out what I want to do in the future. I think it’s time to set some personal goals. Blah!

One thought on “Slept through the night!!”

  1. Just a thought. Family is always first. I think, working outside will help to achieve that goal. For example, with more contacts in the working environments to satify, sometimes very reasonably, one can often put oneself into repeat situations to do their best and therefore improve ones capabilities in numerous fields & areas.

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