Career Change.

Maybe I should be a Police Officer.

Sigh. I really really hate going into interviews and blowing them. It’s quite a trend these days. I’m beginning to think that computer science is no longer the path for me. Do I really care about esoteric things like what a comma operator does in C? Do I really care about what makes Lisp a good programming language? Do you really need to know the definition of syntax? Maybe it’s time to call Specialized…

Incidentally Vince is selling himself short with the T-shirt. He needs this.

4 thoughts on “Career Change.”

  1. Donald, to be anything that you want is great. Go for it.

    But the fact is that everything has its own difficult sides. When these sides show up, changing direction to avoid headache is the last option. Because by tackling the problems, whether successful or not this time, the experience and the knowledge of “how to deal with the similar situations” will grow. Next time around, you are more prepared. For example, on your parents sides, we are much more prepared to deal with depression. It is just a disease and need to be dealt with.

    Smart persons without tenacity is kind of “1/3 of a step short”.

    Keep looking and smiling, but just don’t get discouraged.

    Happy Valentine Day! Love always.

  2. I think you know deep in yourself what you need to do. (Perhaps a neither a job involving compilers nor a job involving flying metal – sheez! – although if your gut tells you that this is what you need, I will believe and support you). Listen carefully and trust yourself. We are all rooting for you!

    Go Donald go!
    Go Donald go!

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