I Got Friends In Low Places.

Feeling a bit blue lately. Hopefully it will pass. I’ll make some lunch and go out for a ride later on. I think it’ll do me some good.

4 thoughts on “I Got Friends In Low Places.”

  1. Keep yourself occupied. Feeling low sometime is pretty normal. Always can call Mom or Dad.

    Keep looking for jobs or other options. Any progress?

  2. Mom and Dad had former friends with no contact whatsoever. It is quite difficult to maintain friendship if something is so different. That is a reality.

    One suggestion. You can always try to enroll universities in SF while looking for something else. This way, time is not wasted for waiting. Even go to night schools is not a bad idea.

    Don’t worry about the expenses. Just do it.

  3. Well, Mom and Dad do not know exactly the detailed. But, sometime, flexibility, trying to fit other’s shoes or looking for the second/third/fourth/…/nth best way will help.

    BTW, listening is the most important part while communicating.

    I am going home {my hotel 🙁 } now. If you wish, call Mom or me at any time. Love.

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