I don’t care very much about things. Either that or people care too much about their things. The owner of my house came by this morning to move a couple beds to his new place. I just found it funny that he took so much care with it. He laid down a carpet on the floor of the uhaul. He couldn’t fit the mattress in totally flat cause of the wheel wells, so he made a ramp over the wells so that it would lay flush. He also didn’t drag the box spring over the ground at all. I think I would have just thrown it all in the uhaul. whatever. Apparently the owner had bought it off one fo my other friends a long time ago, and I didn’t have to courage to tell him that the original owner probably never treated that bed very well to begin with.

Anyways, being poor is great in a way. I really pare down the things I have and I learn not to buy every random joe thing that I want.

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