Nice weather here

A couple came over to have dinner last night. I made westin style dinner with soup, shrip salad, artichoke, salman, pork chop, corn, asperagus and blueberry pei plus home made bread. One peice of pork chop is left I am going to have it tonignt.

Today, I went to Chinese store here and bought a can of soy souce and some tofu and vegitable. I aslo went to mall and bought some cloth and two stainless steel pots. It was $20 a peice. Last time I bought for $10. Today it was $8.00. I am going to retun the original ones tomorrow to kill some time and take a wald at mall as my exercise. I also bought a beach tower to be ready for swiming. I also bought a Tommy yellow raing coat with 65% off.

Back to work on tax.

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