Situations Update

I am still here, kind of not hating my work. This temp work keeps bringing back a lot of memories of 20 years ago during the hayday of this industry. Funny.

But, the Atlanta’s one is still there. No decision and pending. North Caroline, the support manager job requisition was postponed due to client’s $$$ issue. The other day, I got a phone call that, in Oklahoma, a company is looking for someone. Too bad, the compensation was not as good. But, just in case, if I want to pay my bills without other options and tour the continent, I may take it. Getting pays to see places is not that bad. Right? Since I always like to be close to Mom, so sometimes ago, I applied for a IT support personnel position in Oregon. Guess what, I got a reply saying that I did not qualify to their minimum requirements. It was in black and white and typed in a written letter, with a hand written signature. What a insult! I almost jumped to the phone and called this fellow :(–>

Well, from time to time, I hopped on the machine and looked for opportunities. And as I said “Keep Looking and Smile a Lot”, no matter what. All I need is just one. And one is enough, at least, for the time being.

Bottom line, I still would like to work at least a couples of months a year to pay my bills and be with your Mom 🙂

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