With Mom This Weekend & Tax Time

I will be with Mom this weekend. My tickets were the cheapest ones. It took me to everywhere that you might imagine. This time, Friday noon time, Pittsburgh to Newark, there to Seattle and then to Richland. The forecast is for snow in the NE and Pittsburgh. Well, should be okay and hope there will be no delays.

This weekend is our tax time. Getting very complicated. A lot of States and a lot of something else. Need to wrap up before going to our 3 weeks trips (April 16th -> May 7th) with friends in Las Vegas. Also, need to get and mail birthday card & gift to Donald. Donald, what do you prefer? Please just let us know, besides a dinner for 4, traditionally. Hope, at least, one of them is a lady 🙂

Will get back by red-eye flight on Sunday evening. Also bring back dumplings, duck and may be turkey. Oh, good stuffs! BTW, Doris’ cooking is also marvelous. Donald, don’t eat out while in NY.

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