Went to a Concert Tonight.

I went with Sunny to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City. I got free tickets from Arif’s boss who couldn’t make it because she’d rather go to South by Southwest in Austin. 😛

Anyways, it was pretty happening. I like the big band style of music because it’s lighter fare. Not like the sappy, depressing love songs that I usually listen to. I’m also pretty amazed at the talent level of these guys. The piano guy was doing a solo and started using his feet to stomp on the keys.

Sunny saw some girl in the front row who was really into the band. She tried to get her boyfriend to dance with her. No go. She tried to get her boyfriend to stand up and scream and sway her arms at the band. No go. Being pissed off, she then turned around and promptly slapped her boyfriend in the face. 😛

One thought on “Went to a Concert Tonight.”

  1. Ohh, Voodoo Daddy, they sound good. But SXSW may be better. I miss Austin! Blah! You should listen to Lyle Lovett and his Big Band. Pretty good stuff.

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