Being Frank…

I had an interesting conversation with Frank tonight. Honestly, I’m not sure I follow him all the time, but I do know that he thinks very differently than a lot of people out there. Anyways, one thing that he said stuck with me. He always tends to think about what his priorities are 10 years from now and tries to act accordingly. So right now, he’s 24, and he thinks about what his priorities would be at 34. Somewhere on the list would be, money, character, family (I’m guessing).

Of course, I can’t help but think about what my priorities are 10 years from now when I’m (oh god) 39. 😛 I would think character, family, money – in that order. I feel like I’m moving towards my character goals – growing and learning and experiencing life. I’m not sure I’m moving towards my family goals. Money, well, I feel like I’m moving away from that goal too since I have no money.

On the topic of getting married, Frank calls this issue “The Looming Deadline”. It probably applies more to women than men, but basically it goes like this: People hold out hoping to find “The One”, but when see that they are 32 and not likely to find “The One”, then they might relax their stringent requirements in order to get married. Why not just relax your requirements right now and avoid the fate that you’re setting yourself up for when you are 32? But people won’t do that and they walk knowingly into their least desirable outcome.

Am I doing this too? Choon says I’m too picky about women. But I’m not sure that Frank’s scenario applies in my case.

2 thoughts on “Being Frank…”

  1. My priority is to retire and to be happy. My charactors was fixed when I was born. Most of my charactors are from my parents anyway. I did my best to have family and now I am an empty nester. Money? it is a funny stuff. I worked very hard to earn some for my retirement. Is it enough? Who knows. All companies laid off old people first. It is very hard for old people to find a job. We are kind of lucky to hold our job right now. No matter what with enogh or not enough, we have to retire. It all depends on our health. I have to cross my fingure to be healthy. But the old age problems can not be avoided for every one. Old and poor are very sad combination. Most parents want their kids to take care of them as we did for our parents. But both Doris and Donald are so busy and we are better be prepared for alternat meaning. We have few friends worries those things as well.

    Between family and money. Of cource, the family is the most important. Family members are closed to each other and have more strenth. However, without money, there will be very hard to rise a family. This like chicken and eggs relationship.

    As long as set a goal and go for it. It can always be reached with efforts and hard work.

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