My day off.

So today I had my day off, which doesn’t happen very often. I think for the first time in 3 years I was without either one of my children for 12 hours, I had a really nice time.

We all went on a nice walk in the morning, then I headed to my piano lesson. I thought I practiced pretty much this week, but it was a poor lesson as I was slopping and a bit underprepared. My teacher throws me for a loop beacuse he keeps asking me to take on new pieces. I remember when I was little, it was a big deal to have two or three new lines of a piece done each week. Now every week, there is a lot of improvement that needs to go on on each piece (lots of comments about rythmn, voicing, pedaling, dynamics, fingering, phrasing, etc, etc, etc.) and also whole new sections to learn and new pieces to learn. This week in particular, I felt like I had a lot of new pieces and I’m still struggling to get the notes together.

Then I went home and by this time, Jeremy, Vince, Edda and Ruby were on their way to Bard. I spent 2 hours cleaning up our study, which was and still is a disaster area and trying to get my silly palm pilot to sync with Yahoo. Not working yet.

Then I went to a 4 pm concert that my piano teacher was performing in. It was pretty hilarious, I had a great time. These were 5-10 minute pieces given by the faculty of the Dutchess Community College. There was the asian guy who played the electric guitar with the strobe light behind him, there were the vocalists who sang about Matthew Shepard, there was the soprano who had about 10 oddly dressed groupies who sang songs about peace, there was a fiddler and there was a trio (piano, violin and cello) that my teacher was playing in. Richard, my teacher, was the ringer.

Then I had a wonderful restaurant dinner by myself. I ate very slowly and quietly by myself and had a great meal at Antonella’s. Then I went to Lora Bonser’s house where I went to a Body Shop at Home party. Lora lives in a beautiful house in the woods. It’s pretty hard to find, especially if you have a erroneous map like I do. I also almost ran over a dog on the way there. Bought some lotions and stuff and came back home at about midnight.

Jeremy came home and told me about their day at Bard, the highlight of which is: Vince now pees outside in the yard instead of the toilet. He has marked with his pee both Katherine and Bob’s house as well as our front porch.

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