Chat rooms, where are they?

So, Bob’s co-director of the Bard Music Conservatory is Melvin Chen, who besides having both a PhD in chemistry from Harvard and degrees from Julliard in piano and violin, can also find chat rooms where he can eavesdrop on the musings of the applicants to the school.

Where are these chat rooms? How come I can’t Google and find them?

I also can never find the famous Paris Hilton tapes or nude pictures of Brad Pitt. Maybe I’m just a lame surfer. Can you tell I can’t sleep?

3 thoughts on “Chat rooms, where are they?”

  1. 1)Paris is just the flavour of the month. I wouldn’t worry too much.

    2)I tried looking up the chat site you mentioned. But I think lame surfer-age must be contagious. (though, I must admit, i tried for all of 5 seconds)

    and 3) insomnia rocks. cherish it.

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