I Splurged on the Chocolates

Okay. So I’m out 19.22 on the Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card. I got the collander cause a) it’s stainless steel (yum) and b) our plastic collander is pretty darn crappy and it’s _huge_. Too big for our bachelor single serving pasta needs. Sorry. I couldn’t resist the chocolates. I have one left. 😛 They are good.

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I think my shopping mode has changed recently. I’m definitely looking for more enabling items. Basically instead of upgrading things that I already have, I’m trying to get things that would help me do things I couldn’t possibly do with the stuff I have now… I guess I broke that already with my collander purchase tho.

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5 thoughts on “I Splurged on the Chocolates”

  1. We hid the chocolates from Pitt away from Vince while Donald was here and I hid them so well that I didn’t find them again until last week. I hope you guys don’t mind, but we are enjoying them quite a bit.

    If you look closly at Donald’s picture, you’ll see the chocolates that he bought.

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