Checked Out Motel, Working & Ready

Yesterday, I fixed my one tooth for the last time. Also had x-ray for all my teeth. Very strange, just one was in bad shape.

I checked out my motel this morning. Yesterday, they really cleaned my room with heavy doses of air refreshner with their next customer in mind. It almost killed me. I opened door for a long time and turned on the bathroom air fan all night. But, it did not help. It carries through even right now. Too bad.

I am in the office and ready to go. Tomorrow, my friend in Las Vegas and I will visit another close friend in Los Angeles. Three of us were together a lot while in college. He just had a quadriple bypass surgery. Hope he is doing well. Mom never figured out why three of us are so close because of our personalities. Well, sometimes, no good reason why? Just like Mom and I. We are very different also. Right?

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