A Decent Weld

So here’s my braze welding sample from class today. It’s not bad, tho there’s a wall of perfect welds in the lab, and it’s got these perfect dimes to them… man. This is a bit different than the picture I had before. Braze welding, you don’t actually melt the steel underneath. You just melt the brass and it joins the 2 pieces. Anyways, this will probably be my preferred way of joining up frames in the future. You can grind down the brass and make the weld look smooth and pretty – and I like the gold too. 😛

I talked to my prof about my frame today. Apparently, she wants me to design a jig instead to align the frame properly. Great! So I’m thinking that instead of making a frame for my final project. I’ll probably end up making the jig for the frame. Ha! But it might be a good thing, cause then I’ll have something that I can just pump out frames on…

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  1. It looks shiny and relatively smooth, not perfect, but not bad. I know what you’re talking about the little dime pattern. Hey so do you wear the funky helmet and wield an acetylene torch?

  2. Welding is a big field. You have to have a liesence(?) to perform class 1 welds. It needs lots of practice. You did much better job this time. The ispection is also an advanced stuff. There are programed robats to perform welds inside of reactor building. There are some underground weldings as well. My father(your gradpa) did very good job in welding on ship. He was a good carpanter too. He was a big chef to make 12 banquat cources of food. Now he is gone for more than 10 years. I miss him very much.

  3. Heh. You don’t need the helmet with an acetylene torch. Which is good cause it’s kinda pricey. 😛

    Yeah, I’m not a licensed welder. You need a lot of time and practice before you can even being thinking about taking the tests.

    Apparently there is a big stink about the new Bay Bridge and that the welding might be faulty on it.

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