It is the time for retirement

To day, we had an all hands meeting and informed us that 1/3 will be gone. It is not supperise due to the wrong siesmic curves and lack of work. We will have 60 days notice. So, if I have my pink sheet next week ( I am on vacation), my last day will be in middle of June. It is not a bad one at my age. However, office working will keep my life regular and paychecks are very nice to have every two weeks. On other hand, I have all free time to go to school to meet friends and traveling. I think that I have paid my full dues to the sociaty.

The only thing I owned is to the Chinese sociaty which educated me to my collage years. So I will do more volunteering work in China. Most likely, I will teach some kids at my home town-Choung Ming Dao. Many of my friends like this idea and would like to help. I am very happy that my Aunt gave me her lot for building a house on. She is my father’s younger sister and she is very close to my mother too.

Unlike last time, I am ready and prepared for the moment this time.

6 thoughts on “It is the time for retirement”

  1. I’m glad that you are at peace with this. You can always work, maybe not as a pipe-stress analysis person. Maybe outside gardening, or you can open your own dumpling shop. What days are you gone? Are you going to be travelling during Mother’s day?

  2. Rena, it is about time that we get together. Your and my pays are just like “chicken wings*”. it does not have enough meat (considering all the inconvenient associated with it) but to discard it seems just too …

    “chicken wings” is a from a famous Chinese true story.

  3. The story of “chichen wings”.

    During 3 kingdoms time, one night in the northern army camp, a general was preparing a major battle for tomorrow morning. He asked the emperor what was the password for tonight throughout the camp. The emperor said “chicken wings”. This general was puzzled about why “chicken wings”. Then, he approached a member of emperor’s think tank and asked him. Without hestitation, the reply was “It is not meaty enough, but still has some meat. The emperor is hesitating whether to go to battle tomorrow or not”. Afterward, the emperor knew this and did not like some one knew his inside so thoroughtly. Therefore, the emperor found some excuses and executed that guy.

  4. The chichen wigs are: “There is no much meat to eat but it is too wastefull to put it away”. It is much better for your diet, if some one help you to throw it away. However, it may save your life if you are hungary.

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