Forging Ahead.

Ack! So final projects are coming up. I’m pretty gung ho about doing my bike frame. Of course I’ve been reading a lot of newsgroups about frame building yadda yadda. There’s one woman that’s sorta a newsgroup favorite newbie, Suzy Jackson. She made her own frame and was a beacon of shining light to all those newbies out there. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that her frame cracked. not very cool. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just practice like mad instead?

Sorta a good fillet weld… in the middle about 1/2 an inch long. Posted by Hello

4 thoughts on “Forging Ahead.”

  1. I don’t think so 🙂 Good try though. I have seen a lot of fillet welds in the nuclear plants, both in the picture and in the site, just not like yours.

    But, it is much better than mine because I never did one. None exists.

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